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Hello we have a new record coming out 5/27 via Self Aware Records called Alex I Am Nothing. You can read a little bit about it and peep the track listing and stuff HERE. New songs and pre-order info will be up in the next few weeks! 



We have some cool news for y’all this upcoming monday but until then here’s a video of Karl twerking in the woods over 30 seconds of a new song called “Drool” <3

:/ I like this song :/




AU in which Harry and Zayn become fathers together. They move into a home together to finally become the family they always wanted to be. But then Harry murders Zayn because he falls for Niall. Zayn’s dear friend Janet Jackson visits his grave the same day Niall proposes to marry Harry at the America Music Awards.

i CAN’T stop laughing at this seriously i have no idea what the fuck this is but i cannot stop laughing

that is one hell of an alternate universe, but what’s most fucked up, is that based on scientific fact…… it’s real

Oh my GOD?

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smell the goddamn flower you piece of shit baby chicken

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I want to get into this market


ICYMI: rap legend ok mcqueen played his song about buying clothes online while high in my basement

I am legend?



OK McQueen at The Basement in Raleigh, NC.

Oh baby